Tecna Italy was founded in 1995 and Natural Bio concept is its philosophy.

Bio Natural philosophy wants to take care of the health of customer and operator, and the naturalist concept is the guideline for the treatment of hair.

Anticipate and satisfy desires, take care of person consciously and methodically.Care and philosophy are the foundations on which Italy Tecna has built a relationship with your market.

We chose to be an ethical company for which "man" is his heart, and respect a fundamental value.

Our mission is to take care of beauty and integrity of hair. Get in touch with a new philosophy of ecology, without forcing extreme, with a common goal ... the pleasure of feeling good.

Tecna Integro Soft Treatment 500ml

49,00 € 39,20 €
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Tecna Integro Hidra Shampoo 250ml

20,00 € 16,00 €
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Tecna Integro Rebuilder 200ml

28,00 € 22,40 €

Tecna Integro Hidra Shampoo 1000ml

48,50 € 38,80 €
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Tecna Teabase Purifying mud 250ml

63,00 € 49,90 €
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